The Firm

The actual layout of the firm takes shape in 2010 when Guido and Enrico, who met each other during a previous working experience, decided to start an ongoing partnership, sharing a common methodological vision and professional ethics and proposing themselves on the market as a sum of skills and not as single individualities.

In the next 10 years the gained experiences led to a constant growth of the job flux and to the consequent need to upgrade both the staff and working spaces. In this context, Marco and Fabio and other external specialized partners have been gradually introduced until the formation of a cohesive group of technicians with a broad professionalism in the construction field.

Today the Campana & Migliorin firm guarantees wide-ranging competence and professionalism that offer the client the opportunity to have a unique partner able to meet all his needs and to constantly support him from the first idea until its realization.

The firm can offer services regarding integrated design, project management, construction management, technical and economical estimates, building or land registry update, seismic and energy certificates and a variety of consulting.